Tailored solutions to:
save weight, reduce cost, improve material utilization and consolidate parts.

How it all began

Monroe Facility Aerial
North American Headquarters
Monroe, Michigan

TWB Company, LLC was formed in 1992 as a joint venture between Worthington Industries and Thyssen Stahl AG. ThyssenKrupp sold their shares to Wuhan Iron and Steel Company (WISCO) in July 2013. TWB has developed the tailor welded blank market in North America and is currently the leading manufacturer of tailor welded products in the NAFTA region. TWB has 7 strategically located North American facilities supporting JIT production and services to our automotive customers. In addition, our joint venture partner, WISCO Tailored Blanks has another 9 facilities throughout Europe and Asia that TWB has leveraged for technological and customer support. TWB and WISCO Tailored Blanks combine to create the largest and most advanced tailor welded product company in the world.

Tailor Welded Products for weight and cost reduction

Tailor welded blanks have evolved from same gauge and grade steel sheets welded together to different thickness and grades that are joined together to consolidate stampings and achieve cost effective weight reduction for stamped and roll formed parts. There are nearly 100 applications of welded blank and welded coil applications identified for automotive body structures today. Tailor welded blanks and coils are a key link between affordable weight reduction and high safety requirements. Tailored products are lighter, require less material and assist in consolidating production operations. The process has advanced continuously from tailor welded blanks to tailor welded coils and further increases material selection opportunities from mild steel grades to advanced high strength steels grades to (boron) hot stamping materials. TWB has recently included 5000 and 6000 aluminum alloy grades to its family of tailored products. In the past 20+ years TWB has developed these products into a key success factor for the automotive industry and beyond.

Advantages at a glance

  • Weight reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Part consolidation
  • Lower capital cost – having only one part to stamp means one die set is needed and there is less assembly
  • Improved crash performance through the use of tailor welded products
  • Elimination of overlapping joints improves corrosion behavior
  • Optimized nesting provides optimum material utilization
  • Elimination of sealing compound provides improved recycling
  • Improved forming behavior for difficult forming parts
  • Improved dimensional variation with part consolidation

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